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Sounds really weird with just a sine wave. Sines aren't used commonly in chiptune. Try using Squares, Saws, and Triangles instead.

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Skiddle responds:

eeeee i tried my dude

This is awesome! The instruments sound so realistic too, especially at the swing part! I couldn't even believe they were just libraries :D

Miyolophone responds:

Thank you! I can take credit for some of the realism (there was quite a bit of programming required at the swing part haha), but also yes, they are good-sounding samples!

I'm writing this as I'm listening. The modulated saw at the beginning was AWESOME! I love it. The "cutting" growl (idk what to call it) that starts at 0:31 sounds kinda off and doesn't seem to fit there. There could also be some more harmony at that area too. There seems to be too much subrange in this track (mostly in the beginning) and the mix is VERY muddy. Did you cut out the unnecessary frequencies? The drums are a bit loud. Scrap what I said earlier, the whole song needs more harmony. The drop at 1:58 is kinda weird. I can see that you had an idea of what you were going to do which is good, but when the phaser bass stops being modulated it sounds really weird, gritty, and hard to listen to. The mixing at 03:05 falls apart and nothing sounds together there. Theres a TON of balancing issues there as well. The white noise there sounds too loud and I'd recommend filtering that. The modulated phaser issue sounds a bit better at the second drop at 4:30 but the mixing makes it hard to hear everything that's going on. I also hear clipping there. Did you make sure to master it correctly? I like the little filtered ending, that's pretty neat. Overall, it's a really nice song. The main issue was the mixing. The arrangement was nice and I look forward to seeing what you create in the future!

DJStormblastXL responds:

thank you, it's true I still have a problem in the mix, but I'm training. Very good feedback :)

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