Why I stopped producing Dubstep

2018-02-10 14:54:53 by Mudstep

Ever since I started production 2 years ago I've always been trying some way to make Dubstep. I had ton of crappy "failed attempts" that have since been removed from Newgrounds and SoundCloud (I have a few decent Dubstep tracks still on here though). The main issue with me is that I seriously cannot make drops. No matter how hard I try, it doesn't come natural to me. That's how I make my tracks. It comes natural to me,  I never sit down and try to make a song. For many people, making dubstep comes easy. I've seen producers come to make AWESOME Dubstep tracks after just 6 months of learning. Eurobeat is a genre that I can produce without stress and confusion, and that is why I am a Eurobeat Producer, rather than a Dubstep Producer.

Amber is out!

2018-02-04 07:42:37 by Mudstep

My first song in a few months is finally out! I'm looking forward to sharing more Eurobeat with the Newgrounds Community!

Just an Update

2018-02-02 07:48:08 by Mudstep

I still make music haha, don't worry I haven't gone anywhere. I tried posting under a new name, but I didn't get much out of that, so with my next track, "Amber," I'll start uploading on here again.

I'm back!

2017-09-15 07:56:30 by Mudstep

Sorry for not posting an update, but my house is safe and we didn't lose any power!

I'm leaving for a bit...

2017-09-08 16:33:17 by Mudstep

Due to Hurricane Irma, this may be the last few days I can make music for a little while, as my power will go out. You should expect a hiatus for about 2 weeks. However, I'm looking forward to trying out many new VSTs when I come back!

HUGE News!

2017-08-27 19:34:38 by Mudstep

I just redesigned practically everything! I want to take production to a more professional level soon (although I'm not there yet), so a nice redesign now is better than later! I'm experimenting a lot with some new VSTs and some new knowledge of music theory, so yeah. expect some great shit to come over the next year! 

New Song + Album!

2017-05-28 17:06:31 by Mudstep

New song for the Altra's Project Album! (Yes, it's gonna be a whole album) Booty! Weird song about butts apparently XD

My best track yet though, so you should really check it out, you'll love it :3

Just Started!

2016-10-12 07:01:52 by Mudstep

New to Newgrounds. I hope people enjoy my content. :3